Jayant Parikh

Jayant Parikh (Indian born 1940)

Jayant Parikh was born in 1940 in Bandhani village of Gujarat. In 1962, he acquired his Post Diploma in Painting from faculty of Fine Arts, M S University, Vadodara.

Prof N S Bendre was his Guru for 9 years. Before Prof. N S Bendre left Baroda in 1967 after staying in the city for 16 years, he called Jayant once at his residence and quoted him that, he sees a hidden potential in Jayant for the rhythmic forms, rich colours and spacious compositions and the possibility of exploration of a meaningful visual vocabulary and he must develop a sense of appreciation for the Indian classical music and develop his canvas as raga progresses from simple 'alap' to a more complex form of 'druta'. Prof Bendre further stressed that he should learn how to commune with nature and feel the vibrancy of cosmological variation.

From then onwards Jayant Parikh’s art journey took a new turn. He jumped into the horizon as guided by his guru prof N S Bendre and never turned back.

Jayant parikh has been on the Indian art scene for over four decades. He is one of those western artists who look upon the life around with noticeable pleasure and tries to record their excitement in his drawings and paintings. He covers a large ground and records view of town and villages, fields and forests, streets and markets, palaces and havelis, festivals and sacred sites.

Jayant is by nature a foot-loose and a compulsive scribbler. He constantly moves around and carries his sketch pad to wherever he goes, whether it to be a landscape site or a temple, a public function or stage show. He is a frequent visitor of various ashrams and rural institutions in Gujarat, where he camps on his way to the desired locations. He does this over and over to keep alive his interaction and keep himself abreast with change.

He is an artist, who has lived and enjoyed life, nature and arts, on his own terms with zest for them. He has created his own visual world and style in his drawings and paintings, which throb with life, joy and happiness.


Gold Medal in International Graphics exhibition, Leipzing, Germany, 1965

Diploma of merit at International Exhibition, Saigon, 1962

National Award at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 1970 & 80

Bronze medal & Governor’s prize at Bombay Art Society, 1959, 61

First prize at All India Exhibition, Jammu & Kashmir, 1960

First prize at All India Radio Exhibition – 1961

Three prizes at Hyderabad Art Society

Two prizes at Indian Railways exhibition

Awards at Gujarat Kala Academy, 1962, 62, 65, 70, 71, 74, 79.

All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society award in drawing 1987.


Gaurav puraskar by Govt. of Gujarat, 2008.


The Game×

35 x 35 inch
88.9 x 88.9 cm